BullGuard, SteelSeries Introduce Advanced Security for Gamers

BullGuard has released Gamer's Edition, a dedicated security solution for gamers. Gamer's Edition was developed with SteelSeries, a manufacturer of professional gaming peripherals and an active supporter of the professional gaming community.

With the introduction of BullGuard Gamer's Edition, gaming and security are no longer at odds. With more and more gamers playing online, there is a need for gaming security. Typical frustrations for gamers are endless firewall messages, heavy resource consumption resulting in deteriorated game play and update processes that are initiated during the game.

In a recent survey conducted by BullGuard and SteelSeries among 2,000 gamers, 20 percent admitted to not using any kind of protection while gaming. Almost half of the remaining 80 percent complained about their security software interfering with their gaming experience.

BullGuard Gamer's Edition enables gamers to focus on their skill sets and most importantly, winning. When a supported game is launched, the application automatically switches to an optimised game profile. Game profiles essentially consist of a number of firewall and anti-virus settings which are preconfigured and adjusted to every individual game. The game profiles ensure that messaging will be halted for the duration of the game. No updates will be initiated and only a minimal amount of resources will be taken up.

Users have the option to edit existing game profiles and they can easily create additional game profiles themselves. The Gamer's Edition also comes with a general game mode, which consists of general settings that will suit most games currently on the market.

Gamer's Edition is designed to help protect gamers' hardware and data while not compromising on performance. When users are not gaming, BullGuard Gamer's Edition still provides complete PC protection with full Antivirus, Antispyware and Firewall functionality. On top of that, the Gamer's Edition comes with a Spamfilter and a backup component which allows users to perform backups to local media or the 1 Gigabyte Online Drive included in the subscription. To top it all off, users can get in touch with BullGuard Support 24/7 directly from the application.

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