Jewel Quest Expeditions, Mah Jong Quest Expeditions Available Soon

Avanquest Software Publishing is to release Jewel Quest Expeditions and Mah Jong Quest Expeditions on Nintendo DS. Following on from the success of these casual games on PC, these two classic puzzles will launch in September 2008.

Jewel Quest Expeditions DS
Jewel Quest is a gem-matching game that provides hours of entertainment. Play as adventurer Robert Pack, travelling through Africa on a quest to unlock the mysteries of 180 unique jewel boards.

Work through each of the levels using the stylus or control pad to select adjacent rows of coloured jewels, turning the blocks underneath to gold before the timer runs out. If too much time is taken a life will be lost, but bonus points will be awarded for remaining time. Earn special moves by matching up gold coins, allowing golden blocks to be created, buried jewels to be uncovered and obstructive items removed. Enjoy the game as a single player or wirelessly link up with up to 7 friends to enter competition mode.

Mah Jong Quest Expeditions DS
Mah Jong Quest Expeditions DS features classic Mah Jong gameplay with an intriguing twist, guaranteed to challenge anyone looking for a brain workout. As the world has fallen into a state of imbalance, teenage hero Kwazi is split into male (White) and female (Black). Players must restore harmony to the world by guiding the two Kwazis through 8 mystical lands and 64 different puzzle boards.

Choose from Quest, Classic or Puzzle mode to work through the levels, using the stylus or control pad to match pairs of tiles. The puzzle board must be cleared before time runs out; points are won for every match made and matching four identical tiles in a row with extra bonuses awarded for remaining time.

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