Lifetime Networks Partners with

Lifetime Games has announced a new strategic partnership with Vivity Labs' The partnership will expand the online game offerings of to include the brain fitness games by Fit Brains. With over 1 million monthly visitors,'s Games channel is one of the web's top 25 online game destinations, and this new partnership will increase the variety of games the site has to offer.

Award-winning neuropsychologist, Dr. Paul Nussbaum, an adjunct Associate Professor in Neurological Surgery at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, designed the fun and casual games found on Fit Brains with the help of the professional game designers at Vivity Labs. Fit Brains' games are proven to enhance brain performance while targeting the five major cognitive brain functions - memory, concentration, language, executive functions (logic and reasoning), and visual-spatial skills.

Research has shown that the brain begins to slow down as early as age 25 but with regular brain exercise, it can create new neural connections and pathways at any age. Fit Brains' games are tightly integrated with a suite of personalization tools that provide each individual with feedback and brain metrics to track performance and progress, so trainees can see the benefits of their playtime.

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