Burda:ic Announces the Open Beta Launch of Florensia

Burda:ic has announced the open beta launch of Florensia, a free-to-play MMORPG from Japanese developer NETTS. Following a successful closed beta period, players the world over are now invited to traverse vast lands and sail the open seas in search of dark dungeons and undiscovered treasure. With four starting classes and a huge variety of weapons and spells from which to choose, Florensia is a rousing adventure that blends vibrant, 3D graphics with classically accessible MMORPG gameplay.

The world of Florensia includes:
- Vibrant, pastel-shaded 3D graphics;
- Four character classes: the Explorer, the Noble, the Mercenary, and the Elementalist;
- An large variety of frightening monsters to battle;
- Upgradeable equipment sets which are more powerful when worn together;
- Uncharted islands, dungeons, and treasures waiting to be discovered by daring captains;
- In-depth tutorial quests to help welcome new players;
- Well-balanced solo and party-based gameplay;
- Immersive PvP with everything from one-on-one fights to massive fleet battles;
- Five basic ship classes, each one completely customizable.

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