Metal Slug 7 to Explode onto Nintendo DS

SNK PLAYMORE and Ignition Entertainment have announced the upcoming European release of Metal Slug 7 for Nintendo DS. This title marks the debut of this franchise onto Nintendo DS, and will deliver the fast paced and frantic 'run and gun' action that is associated with the series that has recently enjoyed its' 10th anniversary.

The battle scars from the previous war against General Morden had started to fade and the reconstruction of the cities and the army was well underway. The people had started to feel safe again, but when a mysterious figure is spotted on a routine scouting of Garbage Island it seems that this war is far from over.

Join Marco, Fio, Tarma, Eri, along with Ralf and Clark (returning fresh from some fighting tournament you maybe familiar with) and get ready to once again take on the forces of General Morden.

Spanning 7 new missions, 6 playable characters and a host of new weapons and features Metal Slug 7 continues the standards of the titles before it. Oh, and there is the introduction of the biggest and baddest SLUG vehicle to date...

Metal Slug 7 will be available Autumn '08 for Nintendo DS.

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