Merscom to Publish Sarah’s Emergency Room

Merscom has partnered with Gameinvest to publish Sarah's Emergency Room, a next-generation time management game, for digital distribution on the online console networks and PC platform. Merscom's production team will work closely with Gameinvest on the marketing and distribution strategy to ensure Sarah's Emergency Room is embraced by casual gamers. Sarah's Emergency Room will be available this September.

Sarah's Emergency Room casts players as Sarah, a young nurse who has recently graduated from college and is struggling to start her career. Her dream is to manage an emergency room in a big city hospital. In a twist of fate, Sarah is hired for a nursing position at a small town hospital in Maryville, Arkansas where she discovers that managing an emergency room is a bit harder than she expected. Sarah is the central element in the game, tending to all patients who walk through the door. She brings prescriptions to the different triage centers, takes X-rays, diagnoses patients, administers treatments and even assists in the operating room. Play through the game's narrative to the exciting conclusion – will Sarah's career as a nurse be a success?

Key features include:
- Fun and fast-paced next-gen time management;
- 7 hospitals, 9 levels of difficulty per hospital;
- Multiple on-screen levels – manage different floors in bigger hospitals by taking patients up and down the elevators;
- 3D graphics.

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