Jolt Online Gaming Teams Up with Rustlers Microwavable Food

Jolt Online Gaming has teamed up with Rustlers microwavable food Fast Fuel for Real Gamers to launch a series of online gaming tournaments set to feature the UK's hottest and most tasty talent. And the competitors should be pretty good, too.

Two 1000 cash prize 5v5 knockout tournaments will be headlining the competition: one for Call of Duty 4 and one for Counter-Strike Source. Each member of the winning teams will also receive a Saitek gaming mouse and keyboard, Whirlpool Mini Microwave, LEC Mini Fridge and 6-months' supply of Rustlers.

A further two Call of Duty 4 tournaments will cater to the individual gamer, with a 100 GAME voucher and 6-month supply of Rustlers going to the winners of both the free-for-all and 70 second (the time it takes to heat a Rustlers) limited-perk tournament.

The tournaments will be running throughout August, exclusively on Jolt's high-speed, high powered gaming servers, with key matches to be made viewable online.

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