Niko Partners Releases Report on China’s Video Game Industry

Niko Partners has announced the release of its latest report, which will save companies time, money, and political headaches as they enter and operate interactive entertainment companies in China. China's Video Game Industry Regulatory Landscape 2008 provides the latest information on the state of China's internal approval processes, policies, standards for publishing as well as a picture of the political landscape with organizational charts of key ministries and checklists for submitting games for license to launch in China.

China's Video Game Industry Regulatory Landscape 2008 covers the policies for the importation of games as well as online publishing. It also covers policies governing Internet cafes, safeguarding China's youth gamers, game content, permits for online game operators, and a host of other key topics. Unlike Niko's other reports, this regulatory landscape report also includes information on regulations for the mobile game segment. The report also expands upon some key facts:
• At least 10 ministries and agencies in China regulate and create policy to govern the video game industry;
• In April 2008 a revision to a regulation about electronic publishing created tougher rules for companies to become online game operators, which is key for foreign companies looking to license online games in China;
• In January 2008, new regulations were released regarding foreign online game companies that wish to launch a game in China;
• In July 2007 China imposed a new law dubbed the "Anti-Fatigue Policy";
The new report is available for purchase directly from Niko Partners for $5,000.00, or as part of an annual subscription to Niko's research services.

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