business Launches Xbox Live Channel has announced the unveiling of its latest channel, IGN Xbox Live, which covers all aspects of the Xbox LIVE online games and entertainment service, the largest social network connected to the TV. The channel launches with exclusive hands-on preview coverage of the "Fable II" Pub Games an Xbox LIVE Arcade title containing three casino-style mini-games named, "Spinnerbox", "Fortune's Tower" and "Keystone", which allow gamers to get a head start on earning in-game gold to purchase items in "Fable II", when it releases later this year.

IGN Xbox Live is a companion channel to IGN Xbox 360 and features expansive coverage of new content, such as themes, gamer pics, and add-on packs. IGN Xbox Live will also have interactive components, allowing fans to review downloadable content themselves and read reviews from IGN editors on the latest Xbox LIVE Arcade Games.

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