SPOGS Racing Crashes onto WiiWare

D2C Games announces that their frenzied, arcade-style racing game, SPOGS Racing, is available on Nintendo's WiiWare service. Gamers can now download the high-octane game and experience the title's signature Crash 'N Grab action, where players battle it out for upgraded performance parts by crashing into each other and taking tires, engines, exhausts and brakes on-the-fly.

For 1,000 Wii Points anyone can download the game from the Wii Shop Channel. Players will modify and personalize their unique SPOGS Racers with custom in-game images. Then get right into the racing action with the innovative Crash 'N Grab instant upgrade feature. Once sufficiently tricked out, players can race their SPOGS around a dozen colorful and thrilling tracks, including stunt tracks with loops, jumps, power-ups and weapons. Players can also battle it out in split screen multiplayer and test their skills with four different control options.

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