Ntreev USA Updates Grand Chase

Ntreev USA has announced the addition of new items, events, jobs, alternate skills, and more for the exclusive North American release of Grand Chase, the Action Adventure MMO Brawler developed by KOG.

The Grand Chase Knights are facing greater and greater peril in their fight for the forces of light and the fate of the very world itself. The forces of evil have recently expanded their influence to new regions, new dungeons and even new continents and have plagued these areas with ever-stronger adversaries for the heroes of Grand Chase. Yet it is not only the forces of darkness that are upping the ante and increasing their military prowess, as the Grand Chase Knights themselves have a new addition to their formidable fighting force to help tip the scale for good. In the most recent content update and patch for Grand Chase, the newest Job has been released, the devastating, and powerful, Crossbowman. This is the 2nd Job for the blonde-haired, Elven Archer, Lire, and is now available to all Grand Chase Knights who wish to unlock it.

To become a Crossbowman, Grand Chase Knights must acquire a special mission from the in-game Shop (purchasable with both Ntreev Cash Points and in-game currency, GP) and complete all of the mission requirements. This new Job for Lire releases new weapons, equipment, proficiencies, skills and more and increases the already plentiful and constantly expanding stable of available playable characters and options for Grand Chase Knights.

In celebration of the new addition and 2nd Job for Lire in Grand Chase, a new special Event has been launched and will run between April 22nd and May 6th, 2008. All Knights who are able to unlock the newest Job in Grand Chase before the Event ends will be eligible for fabulous in-game prizes, such as the Forest Crossbow and Nazka Crossbow.

Also included in the most recent content update and patch for the ever-popular Online-Action-Brawler, a new Attendance System (known as the Attendance Book)and related rewards have also released! With the new Attendance Book, Knights will be able to qualify for in-game gear and prizes just by keeping track of how often they play the game. Every day a Knight participates in Grand Chase they can open their Attendance Book and mark the calendar day. Good attendance will grant special Power-Up Points to Knights which can later be redeemed for exclusive Shop items.

As a special bonus, between April 22nd and May 6th, all Knights that make sure to stay on top of their attendance will be eligible to be randomly selected to receive a bonus prize by way of a hands-on sneak-peak at the new Skill Scrolls.

As the newest Job, Crossbowman for Lire, has been released it should come as no surprise that Grand Chase is also releasing brand new Equipment, Armor, Accessories and Weapons for the Grand Chase Knights to help them improve their martial prowess. New items and equipment will be available in both sets and as individual purchases from the in-game Shop. These newest additions to the Knights' arsenal are available for purchase with both Ntreev Cash Points and with the in-game currency (GP) as relevant. Make sure to check out the new Pegasus set, Absolute Power set, Luna's set, and Meister sets.

Marking another brand new addition to the vast item content already available in Grand Chase, new Power-Up Point items are also now available for redemption in the in-game Shop. These items include an assortment of goodies to personalize your Knights including new faces, tails and other assorted accessories.

Newly added, Alternate Skills are now available for purchase from the in-game Shop for Grand Chase. These new Skill packs can be found under the Academy section of the Shop, and can be equipped with the Skill tab in-game. These new special skills can be swapped out with the traditional skill sets, on-the-fly, in-game with the use of the spacebar.

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