Dracula: Origin Coming in May

Dracula: Origin is the dark and chilling new adventure game for the PC, coming in May 2008 from Ascaron Entertainment and Focus Home Interactive. Take on the role of vampire hunter Professor Van Helsing, in a fearsome quest to hunt down Dracula.

Dracula: Origin is inspired by the world imagined by author Bram Stoker, with a rich storyline taking you from London to Dracula's castle in Transylvania. The game puts you in the role of the infamous Van Helsing, who must kill Dracula before he raises the dead. Other characters from the novel who also feature in the game are Mina Murray and her fiancé Jonathan Harker, who has suspiciously disappeared.

Use Point & Click gameplay to explore the many gothic settings, solving puzzles and collecting clues to progress through the game. Challenges range from painting with blood, rearranging gothic carvings to open locked pathways, and solving word puzzles. Think outside the box to progress; use alcohol to distract a monk and steal his clothes as a disguise, or create a makeshift key to open a secret door.

The world of Dracula: Origin is reproduced through immensely detailed graphics, set in realistic gothic environments. Engage with the animated 3D characters in the atmospheric surroundings to become thoroughly immersed throughout the game.

Prevent Dracula from finding and using a manuscript that will give him the power to raise the dead. Then kill him in order to liberate the souls of all those who have perished in his path. Good luck on your dark and deadly quest…

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