THQs Battle of the Bands Ships Exclusively for Wii

THQ announces that Battle of the Bands has shipped to retailers nationwide. Designed exclusively for Wii, Battle of the Bands maximizes the Wii Remote 's functionality, combining beat matching and combat into one head-to-head battle for music supremacy. The music switching feature and the 30 chart-topping hits - recorded in each of the game's five different music styles - rock, funk/hip-hop, country, marching band and Latin delivers a truly unique gameplay experience.

Battle of the Bands is the first true musical combat game and allows players to battle to prove their preferred musical genre reigns supreme. Designed exclusively for Wii, Battle of the Bands features an exciting two player head-to-head mode and an extensive single-player campaign. The game introduces the innovative concept of "music switching", playing the music in the preferred genre of the winning player. When an opponent turns the tide of battle, the music changes as well, switching between different music genres. Battle of the Bands features 30 classic and modern chart-topping hits from the last four decades, all of which have been recorded in five different styles (rock, funk/hip-hop, country, Latin and marching band) for the game, resulting in a total of 150 unique tracks and 70 unique musical weapons.

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