GameStrata Unveils New Clan and Group Features

GameStrata has added a wealth of new features to their online ranking system and social network, The website, which provides game-enhancing and performance-tracking tools for some of gaming's top online titles, now provides several new options for GameStrata members to form groups and clans both inside and outside their favorite games.

Now, gamers can form Groups on, dedicated to the supported game of their choice. Groups can organize their own personal forums, share content and game tips from GameStrata Answers, and compete with their members in game-specific achievements and stats. Gamers can also form in-game Clans, gaining access to new tools which will allow Clan members to communicate during gameplay and recruit promising new members, as well as free Clan forums and ranking displays.

GameStrata members can use the site's broad array of game-tracking tools to analyze their own skills, and share their stats with friends and competitors. More than just keeping score, the extensive data analyses of GameStrata track every aspect of the game, from accuracy to favorite weapons to longest note streak. In addition, users can compare any of their stats to those of a select group of friends, or to the community at large. GameStrata has tools currently available to add EA's Battlefield 2, Capcom's Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, and Activision's Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock to Facebook pages, with support for additional games and networks coming soon.

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