Jack Keane Sets Sail for North America

Strategy First and 10Tacle Studios announce that Jack Keane has dropped anchor in retail stores across North America. Imagine yourself shipwrecked on the rocky cliffs of a mysterious island, surrounded by carnivorous plants, excitable natives and ill-tempered primates - and you've scarcely scratched the surface of the newest and most unusual point-n-click PC adventure game available, Jack Keane.

In a peculiar turn of events, Jack finds himself on a mission to save the British Empire, and its tea supply from Doctor T. The hilarity ensues as players adventure through the vibrant breadth of Tooth Island, discovering exotic locations, mischievous animals and comical characters every step of the way. From London to Cape Town and across the High Seas, Jack Keane features hilarious interactive dialogue, challenging puzzles, cinematic interludes and a mad scientist's army of trained apes out to rule the world.

Explore the rich environments, bizarre locals and the captivating tale of Tooth Island through the eyes of sharp-witted Jack Keane and the bounty hunter sent by Doctor T to capture him (or perhaps his heart), Amanda. The game's remarkable 3D visuals and humor inspired by the LucasArts adventures will entertain players of all ages and skill levels. Jack Keane has an ESRB rating of "T" for "Teen".

Jack Keane is an amusing, action-packed point-n-click adventure with loads of allusions to well-known computer games and classic movies. Set in the early colonial period, the story leads likable adventurer Jack Keane to a wide variety of places such as London, Capetown and the jungles of India. In London he accepts a risky assignment for the Queen: it's up to Jack to travel to a remote island and stop a mad scientist out to rule the world with his army of trained apes. In the course of the story Jack meets the girl of his dreams, Amanda. With her help he uncovers Doctor T's devilish plans - and his carnivorous plants. Will the two be able to foil Doctor T's nefarious plan and save the world?..

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