True Games Interactive Partners Petroglyph

True Games Interactive announces that it is partnering with Petroglyph. The two companies are working together on an upcoming Free-to-Play micro-transaction based online game for the PC. True Games will operate the Western version and collaborate with foreign publishers for global publishing opportunities.

The Petroglyph team is best known for its Star Wars: Empire at War and Universe at War series, with members also playing a key role in creating the original Command and Conquer series, while at Westwood Studios. The founders of Petroglyph elected to break away from Westwood and start the new development studio, utilizing their unique vision, when the rest of the Westwood team was relocated by Electronic Arts.

Unlike other worldwide products where publishing partners in international markets are signed and added on late in development or "licensed" after the product is available in one market, True Games and Petroglyph will work with leading publishers in territories across the world to adapt the game for cultural tastes in each territory for a true worldwide launch. They are currently evaluating international partners in all major regions.

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