Hard to Be a God Ventures Into Retail

Hard to Be a God, the new action and adventure game from Ascaron, is released to retail. The game uniquely combines the science fiction and medieval fantasy genres with a mix of 'hack & slash' and RPG gameplay.

...The planets of Earth and Tsurinak were once very similar, maintaining a peaceful and friendly existence for centuries. After a terrible war between the planets, the two became distant and secluded. Earth prospered and grew, mastering advanced technologies. Tsurinak became stagnated, barely evolving, remaining rooted in a medieval society; a planet of mystery. Intrigued by the situation of their former patriots the Empire decided to send in a secret agent from Earth…

So, you are the secret agent with a vast array of knowledge and weaponry at your disposal, from the medieval sword to the most technologically advanced laser cannon. Use your weapons wisely as you discover the secrets surrounding the mysterious planet of Tsurinak, revealing why it has remained a medieval society for so long.

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