Ojom Announces the Launch of Charlie's Angels Hellfire

Ojom has announced the launch of Charlie's Angels Hellfire, delivering all the action of the movie straight to your mobile phone. Ojom acquired the mobile game rights from Sony Pictures Entertainment.

A powerful mafia group is trafficking weapons across America and your mission is to track down the gang members and defeat them by any means necessary. As you play each of the angels you will need to gather information on the gang leaders and systematically take them out.

Punch, kick and smash your way through 16 levels across four distinctive locations as you guide your chosen Angel through the game. Keep your wits about you and watch out for the evil henchmen lurking around every corner. A mafia boss awaits you at the end of each the four chapters with different fighting skills, but save your strength for the final big boss in the ultimate level.

The game is packed full of features including hidden weapons and special attack moves, the gangsters won't know what hit them. With jaw-dropping visuals and a pulsating sound-track you'll soon find yourself lost in the grimy streets of New York.

Charlie's Angels is the latest addition to Ojom's growing repertoire of mobile games inspired by TV shows and films. The game is now available on operator portals across Europe.

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