Hudson Entertainment's DECA SPORTS for Wii Goes Gold

Hudson Entertainment, the North American publishing arm for Hudson Soft, announces the ten-sport compilation DECA SPORTS has gone to gold master. Published by Hudson and distributed in North America by Konami Digital Entertainment, DECA SPORTS is scheduled to release on May 13, 2008.

Exclusive for Wii, DECA SPORTS pulls players off the couch and up on their feet for hours of entertainment playing ten complete sporting events. There is something for everyone, as DECA SPORTS offers sports activities such as Soccer, Beach Volleyball, Supercross, Kart Racing, Basketball and Snowboard Cross, and unique events not typical in most sports games such as Badminton, Figure Skating, Curling and Archery. The game is designed with pick-up-and-play intuitive controls for the Wii Remote and in three sports, the Nunchuk. DECA SPORTS also includes advanced controls for power spikes, curls, and mid air tricks for the gamer.

All ten sports support both single player and multiplayer modes. Up to 4 players can compete on one system and in several events, co-op on the same team. Single player modes include Open Match, Tournament, Deca Challenge and Deca League. And, what would a competition be without awards? The Locker Room feature allows players to keep track of their medals and trophies.

DECA SPORTS has been rated E (Everyone) by the ESRB.

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