EA Announces Seven New Games for Mobile Devices

EA Mobile, a division of EA's Casual Entertainment Label, announces the availability of five new titles for mobile phones and two iPod games. Continuing its tradition of creating high-quality, easy-to-play, casual entertainment, EA Mobile has launched these new titles: The Sims 2 Castaway and The Sims Pool, both extensions of The Sims franchise; Monopoly Here & Now, a modern version of the world popular board game; Yahtzee Adventures, the treasured dice game updated with unique characters and settings; and Merv Griffin's Crosswords, based on the popular TV show. In addition, visually rich iPod versions of the hit Hasbro games Scrabble (in North America only) and Yahtzee are now available for purchase from the iTunes Store.

Games for Mobile Phones

The Sims 2 Castaway

EA Mobile invites gamers to get lost on a remote island with The Sims Castaway as they create, customize and guide a Sim to explore, survive and thrive on an uncharted tropical paradise. Vividly rendered lagoons, jungles, beaches and hidden pirate treasures await fans. The goal: provide your Sim with food, make clothing and build shelter. The Sims 2 Castaway continues The Sims franchise tradition of community: avoid isolation and keep your Sim happy by communicating with other inhabitants. With easy, one-button controls to move your Sim and interact with others, The Sims 2 Castaway unveils rich worlds new to The Sims universe.

The Sims Pool

With The Sims Pool, you can customize your Sim characters, and then hit the pool hall to compete against other Sims in exciting 8 or 9-ball action. Pool fans and newcomers can perfect their skills and watch their popularity soar as they sink balls, execute impressive trick shots and pull off slick combos. Advanced pool physics and an easy one-button interface deliver exciting pool fun for everyone.

Monopoly Here & Now

Monopoly Here & Now, developed via the EA and Hasbro, Inc. alliance, updates the world popular board game with a modern twist, allowing players to buy and sell properties like Waikiki Beach, Fenway Park, and more. Using simple controls to roll the dice, move around the properties, and keep score, gamers can buy, sell, and trade as they strive to put the competition out of business to win it all. Offering solo competition against the phone or pass 'n play with friends, Monopoly Here & Now delivers great fun anytime and anywhere.

Yahtzee Adventures

Tour the world with Yahtzee Adventures. Play this new version of the treasured Hasbro dice game on your phone. Travel the globe, meet new characters and challenge them to a game, roll the colorful dice and be the first to score a Yahtzee! Enjoy Classic, Duplicate, Rainbow and Battle modes. Pass 'n Play with your friends, or try your hand at a Yahtzee single-player adventure. Dynamic, exciting gameplay, easy controls, and automatic scorekeeping deliver terrific mobile entertainment for you, your friends and family.

Merv Griffin's Crosswords

Experience all of the fun and excitement of the popular TV show with Merv Griffin's Crosswords now mobile. Players can customize an avatar and choose to play in Timed Mode or Casual Mode. In Timed Mode, it's a race against the clock to enter answers as fast as possible, with virtual cash and prizes at stake. Or play at leisure with no time limits or opponents in Casual Mode. Simple controls make it easy to buzz in to the board, answer the word hint and complete the Crossword.

Games for the iPod


Scrabble, under license from Hasbro in North America only, spells major f-u-n on your iPod. It includes flexible difficulty levels, a built-in word list, dynamic animations, scrolling and full-board views. Use the click-wheel to play alone, challenge the computer in your iPod, or enjoy pass n' play with a friend. The game offers tips, like the "Best Word" feature which suggests the optimal word that can be formed with your tiles. Scrabble on the iPod is great fun for all from wordplay mavens to new Scrabble players.


Let the good times roll with Yahtzee on iPod. Vivid dice animations, easy score-keeping, multiple game modes, and simple click-wheel controls deliver classic Yahtzee fun. Fans can play solo, against a friend, or against the computer in their iPod. With unlockable difficulty levels, help menus and pop-up hints to explain the basics, Yahtzee on the iPod is perfect for novices as well as experienced players.

The Sims 2 Castaway, The Sims Pool, Monopoly Here & Now and Yahtzee Adventures are now available on wireless carriers in North America. Merv Griffin's Crosswords has launched on Verizon Wireless, and is coming soon to other carriers.

Yahtzee is available worldwide through iTunes. Scrabble is available via iTunes in the United States and Canada only. All iPod games are available for the iPod nano, iPod classic and fifth-generation iPod and can be sent as a gift using the iTunes gifting feature.

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