Zappies Releases The Nunchuk Wireless Kit in the UK

Zappies is releasing, exclusively in the UK, for Nintendo Wii gamers the ultimate wireless gaming weapon The Nunchuk Wireless Kit, which allows you to play your favourite games without being limited or restricted by the Remote to Nunchuk cable.

The easy to install procedure takes seconds. Simply snap the wireless receiver to the bottom of your Wii Remote, insert your Nunchuk into the wireless housing, press the synch button and you are ready for hours of wireless, unhindered, unobstructed play.

Ergonomically moulded, an integrated LED status indicator lets you known when you are connected, synched and ready to go and there is no need to buy another Remote or Nunchuk for this kit is all you will ever need to take your gaming to another level. 4 player compatible with Remote power button shut off, the unit is power by 2 AAA batteries which provide 20 hours of non-stop gaming.

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