Nobilis to Publish ?Fantasy Wars? and ?Death to Spies? in Europe

Nobilis announces the signing of a licensing contract with the Russian video games publisher, 1C Company. This agreement entrusts Nobilis with the licensing in Europe of 2 major games of the publisher's catalogue, Fantasy Wars and Death to Spies.

Fantasy Wars is a turn-by-turn strategy game that takes place in a fantasy universe of war and legend. The player discovers the realms of the Orcs or Goblins, playing a Captain of a Human army or that of the Elves. He may explore citadels with dwarves or the forests of the Elves. Fantasy Wars features 3 distinct campaigns during which players should build an army, develop their units and also collect artefacts and improve their magic spells. Published for PC by 1C Company, Mythic Wars will be available in the second quarter of 2007.

In Death to Spies, a third person action-adventure game, the player plays a Captain of the 4th unit of Soviet spies. The playing character is a trained professional, seasoned in dangerous operations, and has to accomplish different missions in enemy territory like the theft of documents, the elimination of enemy officers or dignitaries, kidnapping or sabotage. Published for PC by 1C Company, Death to Spies will be available in the third quarter of 2007.

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