Touchmaster for Nintendo DS Fact Sheet

The wide variety of highly interactive mini-games that made Midway's Touchmaster a favorite in bars and arcades across the country are now available whenever, wherever with Touchmaster for Nintendo DS, exclusively for Nintendo DS. Touchmaster is a natural fit for the touchscreen and stylus of Nintendo DS, and is suited for a quick gameplay session. There's something for everyone to choose from, with a wide variety of 23 of Midway's classic Touchmaster games, including Trivia, Solitaire, Gem Slide and Mah Jongg. With the Nintendo DS Wi-Fi connection, players can connect to the Midway Tournament Network for high score rankings, tournaments and daily rankings.

- 23 classic Touchmaster Games: Gem Slide; Crystal Balls; Hot Hoops; MahKi; Mah Jonng Pairs; Pond Kings; Pairs; Target 21; 3 Peak Deluxe; Pyramid 13; Power Cell; Solitaire; Artifact; 5 Star General; Double Take; Go Wild; Up Lift; Times Square; Word Search; Triple Elevens; Trivia; Pick Up Six; Wordz.
- Midway tournament network: Use the Nintendo DS WiFi connection to connect to the Midway Tournament Server for daily rankings, high scores, tournaments and more.
- Multiplayer: Play with friends over Nintendo DS WiFi, an ad-hoc connection, or by passing the Nintendo DS around.

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