Unreal Tournament III Fact Sheet: Let's Rock!

Unreal Tournament III marks the return of the industry's premiere first-person shooter. Utilizing the power of Unreal Engine 3 technology, Unreal Tournament III takes graphics, gameplay, and challenge to a whole new level. Players assume the role of a futuristic warrior engaged in intense battles against skilled opponents that can be controlled by either human contestants online or by cutting edge Artifical Intelligence online and off. With the most powerful sci-fi weapons and vehicles available, this is FPS action at its best.

? High level of graphical and physical realism from the latest Unreal Engine 3 technology delivers the most compelling First Person Shooter Experience to date... online and offline.
? Vast arsenal of weapons. This installment's arsenal is bigger and badder than ever. Destroy your opponent from a distance with the ever popular Shock Rifle or blast away at close range with the Flak Cannon. Over two dozen weapons and vehicles have been upgraded and enhanced for maximum performance and killing sprees.
? Single player mode rivals the online experience! Battle against lightning fast A.I. in the deeper and richer single player campaign.
? New and favorite characters. Fight side-by-side with or compete against new and returning characters from the UT franchise, all with enhanced abilities, extremely detailed designs, and distinct personalities.
? Enhanced popular game types, including: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Onslaught, and more.
? Online innovations. Unreal Tournament III provides seamless loading on servers in addition to improved matchmaking and co-operative campaign play online.
? Bundled with the Unreal Engine 3 Toolset. Build your own levels, gametypes, and more, or download the latest mods from the massive Unreal community.

Platforms: PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3.
Ship Date: PC and Xbox 360 - 2nd Half 2007; PlayStation 3 - 2007.

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