Ubisoft to Publish Upcoming Top Trumps Games

Ubisoft announces a publishing deal with Ironstone Partners to bring the Top Trumps brand to the video gaming market in March 2007. Top Trumps, from Winning Moves, is a card-based game which gained popularity in the 1970's and 80's and combines luck, strategy and subject knowledge in a game-concept that has hooked children for several generations. The brand has enjoyed many years of success with a strong licensing programme which includes brands such as Marvel, Star Wars, Harry Potter and recently, Doctor Who and is featured in over 10,000 retail outlets in the UK.

The partnership with Ubisoft ensures that Top Trumps will receive optimal sales, marketing and distribution support when the first titles come to market in quarter one, 2007. Ironstone will develop games for the Sony PlayStation 2, Nintendo DS and PC gaming platforms and will initially feature brand new proprietary Top Trumps characters.

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