'Things to Come' to Open the Sci-Fi-London Film Festival

Sci-Fi-London, the UK's only annual festival of science fiction and fantastic film announces that the restored, extended edit of Things to Come will be given its first theatrical screening after the Arthur C Clarke Literary Award on 2nd May 2007 at the Sci-Fi-London Film Festival, with an additional screening plus Q&A open to festival-goers on Friday 4th May 2007.

The digital restoration of the H.G. Wells SF classic Things to Come will be given a nationwide theatrical and special edition DVD release in May 2007. This version of the film is the one which most closely resembles director William Cameron Menzies' original vision created over seventy years ago. Every version of the film shown in cinemas, on television and available on video since 1936 has been drastically cut. Network has commissioned the best and longest known version to exist of this film anywhere in the world in H.D.

One of the most memorable Sci-Fi stories ever made in motion picture history, Things to Come set a benchmark for innovative design and incredible special effects when it was first made in 1936. One of the best and most ambitious British movies ever made, Oscar -winning director William Cameron Menzies (Invaders from Mars) creates a breathless vision of post-war desolation and utopian futurism. This memorable classic stars Oscar-nominated Raymond Massey (A Matter of Life and Death, Arsenic and Old Lace) as John Cabal and his descendants and award-winning actor Ralph Richardson (Q Planews, The Four Feathers) as The Boss.

It's Christmas 1940. The people of Everytown, unprepared and ill-equipped, find themselves at war against an enemy who has been planning a conflict for years. The land is devastated by the horrors of aerial bombardment as the war drags on until 1966 causing a period of despair, with feudal tyrants ruling a downtrodden population suffering from famine and a plague called the Wandering. Can the human race rise above their desperate situation and use science for the common good? Things to Come has never looked this good and was the first film to show human civilisation reduced to ashes.

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