New Patch For Dominions 3: The Awakening!

Illwinter Game Design and Shrapnel Games announce that there is now a new patch available for the fantasy strategy title, Dominions 3: The Awakening. The patch brings the retail version of the game up to 3.06 and is available for all operating systems that Dominions 3 is playable on.

While the version 3.06 patch includes a number of bug fixes and enhancements for mod improvements, the most exciting aspect of the patch applies to Mac gamers. There is now a universal binary available for Mac players! Not being Mac users ourselves the first thought was that it had something to do with Dolph Lundgren and Jean-Claude Van Damme, but then we realized that's Universal Soldier, not universal binary. Apparently the universal binary will allow better performance for Intel-based Macs.

The changes list includes:
- Universal binary for Mac OS X.
- Fixed some typos.
- New spell for Man.
- Name fixes for late era T'ien Chi.
- Name fix for some Abysian humanbreds.
- Darkness did not work properly regarding demons.
- Modding: new commands: #domsummon, #domsummon2, #domsummon20.
- Modding: new commands: #summon1, #summon5, #makemonster1-5.
- Modding: #copy renamed to #copyspell in manual as well.
- -noscoregraphs works.
- Dreams of R'lyeh could hang the game if cast upon a province with only mindless commanders.
- Hippocampoi Fields summoned a human soldier who immediately drowned, fixed so it summons a hippocamus instead.
- Miasma dominion affected C'tis income badly as well.
- Modding manual updated.
- Modding: Resistances can be modded to exceed 100%.
- Modding: can disable nation with #era 0.
- Modding: new commands: #seduce, #succubus, #charge.
- -mapsbcol didn't work. (FIXED)
- Defense commanders didn't receive mirror image properly. (FIXED)
- Dragon mastery ability could disappear unexpectedly. (FIXED)

The version 3.06 patch for Windows, Mac, and Linux may be downloaded fromhere.

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