Crazy Golfers Attacked by Worms

THQ Wireless announces that the latest title in the world-renowned 'Worms' series ? Worms Crazy Golf ? will launch for Java-enabled handsets across Europe. Under the terms of a worldwide exclusive licensing agreement with Team17 (creators of Worms), the Worms series for mobile has sold over 2 million copies world-wide. Worms Crazy Golf is the latest off-the-wall wormy instalment.

Worms Crazy Golf puts the notorious Worms from their combat zone into a pristine golf course. But not pristine for long! To replace golf balls, the Worms are armed with grenades instead and your wriggling enemy Worm is tied to the flag! Now that's incentive for a sharp shot. If the player gets the grenade to the hole in the shortest amount of shots, they can watch Worm enemy number one fidget in fear as the grenade slowly rolls towards the hole - no prizes for guessing what happens once it drops! Worm Pate!

The result is an extremely addictive golfing adventure through 3 different courses, and a total of 27 holes. If players aim everyone's favourite spineless gaming heroes correctly to achieve scores of par or lower, they can unlock new courses. Levels are diverse ? from the wintry Snow Joke; to the extravaganza that is Clowning A-Round and finally the classic golf course - Fairway to Heaven.

Features include single player, or up to 4 players on one mobile phone. Players also can choose from 2 difficulty settings giving huge replay value. Plenty of Worms need to be blown up to get that handicap down. Worms Crazy Golf is set to launch on all major phone networks across Europe from February 2007.

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