New Release Date for 'Two Worlds' in Europe

Two Worlds fans in Europe must be patient for a few weeks longer than originally planned before starting to explore the enormous world of Antaloor. The release date has been put back to May the 9th 2007.

CEO Alexandra Constandache says: "It's the atmosphere of a game that really suffers if the balancing isn't quite perfect or if annoying bugs make life difficult - especially in the RPG sector. We're fortunate enough to be in a position where we ourselves can determine when our game will be marketed - and we have taken the decision to postpone its release for a short time. The time gained will be used to further perfect the multiplayer aspect. We'll be publishing more info next week about this feature."

"Two Worlds" will be released at the beginning of May for PC and Xbox 360 in English, French and German localisation.

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