Niko Partners Releases Report Covering Videogame Regulatory Landscape in China

Niko Partners and TransAsia Lawyers, a prominent Beijing-based international law firm, have announced the release of a report they co-published entitled "Chinese Videogame Industry Regulatory Approvals: Policy, Process & People."

It is an important synthesis of the regulations, policy and issues that face foreign companies in the Chinese online, offline and console games market segments. Geared toward developers, publishers, hardware manufacturers and prospective investors in the Chinese market, the report takes a comprehensive look at the key people, offices, and agencies in China who influence and affect policy, and the game approval process.

"The complex regulatory environment is a major barrier of entry for foreign companies and stems from the fact that 10 ministries and agencies are tasked with creating regulatory policy for this industry. In addition to providing the names of the key influencers and decision makers, this report establishes a roadmap of the necessary steps in the process of participating in the Chinese videogame market and summarizes the relevant laws and policies that will bear on their strategic business decisions", said Lisa Cosmas Hanson, managing partner of Niko Partners.

With the online game and game software market standing at more than $800 million (US) and projected to climb 25% per year through 2010, China is currently one of the fastest growing regions for online games. China also houses a concentrated group of more than 30 million gamers, which attracts many of the world's top videogame publishers, hardware manufacturers and related service providers. The complexity of the Chinese regulatory system has taken even the early-to-market corporate giants as long as three years to ascertain. To help make sense of the situation in a shorter time period, the report comes complete with appendices of organizational charts for the important ministries regulating this industry, and provides a checklist of documents required for the application process for game content approval.

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