Tiger Electronics Unveils NET JET Online Game System for Tweens

Tiger Electronics announces plans to introduce the NET JET instant-play online game system aimed at kids between the ages of 6-11. NET JET will be supported by a dedicated controller and 40 games at launch developed or licensed exclusively for the system by leading third-party online game developers. The NET JET lineup ? with games based on properties such as Hasbro's Super Soaker, Cartoon Network's Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends and The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy and Marble Blast XP from GarageGames - will offer an exciting blend of high quality, immersive content in popular tween categories such as racing, extreme sports, puzzlers and action/strategy.

The NET JET system includes two main components:
1) a kid-tested controller that plugs into a personal computer's USB port;
2) a game key that slides into the controller and activates content.
Each key launches one "Feature" game and gives players the ability to add three additional "Choice" games. The more immersive Feature games have been exclusively developed or licensed for NET JET and boast high quality graphics and robust gameplay while the Choice games are light Flash-based experiences in a full screen. Upon plugging in the NET JET controller, players will be validated by Tiger Electronics servers then launched into where they will be prompted to browse and select their Choice games based on individual interest. Upon adding their Choice games to the game key, it's off to the races, mountains or battle grounds.

NET JET will allow players to choose from a broad mix of games across multiple genres that include original Hasbro properties as well as exclusively licensed versions of popular games from other online destinations. At launch there will be 10 Feature titles, including: Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends: Buggin' Out and The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy: Freaky Freezeday, both from Cartoon Network, as well as Super Soaker Water Fight, Mission: Paintball, Marble Blast XP, Bubble Bonanza, Kool Kart Racing, and Peak Performance Snowboarding.

Lighter fare will be found in more than 30 Choice games with favorites such as Free Kick Football, Darts, MiniGolf, Penguin Power, Treasure Hunt, Skeet Shoot, StakeOut, Ben 10: Ben to the Rescue and Volleyball. Tiger Electronics will release new NET JET content on an ongoing basis allowing players to keep adding fun to their personal game library.

Based on the young audience that NET JET serves, Tiger Electronics designed a closed system that does not allow games to function outside of the system, and games cannot be accessed without the use of a NET JET controller. These protective measures are transparent to players and the fun factor reigns supreme. In addition, unlike more conventional online casual game sites, NET JET has no banner or pop-up advertising so kids are free to enjoy the games without interruption and parents need not worry about what marketing messages are being served up to kids.

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