Stargate Worlds: Interview with Dan Elggren

by Garrett Fuller,MMORPG.COM Tell us about what it is like working with the Stargate IP. How has it been in adapting the material to a video game setting?
Dan Elggren: The Stargate IP is really a dream setting for an MMORPG." title="Stargate Worlds: Interview with Dan Elggren">Garrett Fuller had a chance to ask a few questions to Dan Elggren, the Senior Producer for Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment's upcoming MMO title Stargate Worlds. Tell us about what it is like working with the Stargate IP. How has it been in adapting the material to a video game setting?
Dan Elggren: The Stargate IP is really a dream setting for an MMORPG. The Stargate enables near instantaneous travel between disparate worlds, allowing developers and artists to work with a widely varied palette. The game play aspects we are bringing together ? modern combat, sci-fi weapons and the exploration of new worlds ? are challenging to assemble, but we have a world-class development team here that is up to the task. The popularity of Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis remains very strong. What type of encouragement can you give fans of these shows that the game will appeal to the viewpoint already established by the IP?
Dan Elggren: Every step we take in game design is done with an eye on the show. We want to provide the ultimate immersive Stargate experience. We don't want to give people the impression that Stargate Worlds is only for fans of the series, however. Stargate Worlds will appeal to a broad base of gamers looking for something different in MMORPGs. The screenshots we have seen focus primarily in the Goa'uld, although there is one of an Asgard. Can we expect to see many of the Stargate races making it onto computer screens when the game is launched? Races like the Unas, Nox, Re'ol, and Wraith.
Dan Elggren: It's a big universe with room for everyone. Between the launch and potential expansions, we'll fit in the major races from the series and many of the minor races that make sense from a game play perspective. The Stargate universe offers many planets for viewers to enjoy. How many of these planets can we expect to see in the game? Will the stargate itself be the only form of transportation between worlds?
Dan Elggren: There will be dozens of planets in game at launch. Players can be sure that there will be more than enough to create the Stargate experience. We will be adding new content post launch to increase re-playability and there's always the opportunity for expansions to add new worlds.

Gates won't be the only way to get around the universe. Some places you visit might not have active Stargates, making getting there part of the challenge. Some of the other options that may be available to players include starships and ring transporters. Will players of different races be able to form Stargate teams of their own? A prime example of combining races might be viewed as Teal'c joining the human team of SG-1.
Dan Elggren: Absolutely. We want to enable players to become the stars of the show, and that wouldn't be possible if they couldn't form their own version of SG-1. From the beginning, they will be able to choose to join one of two opposing sides. The smallest formal group, the squad, is a team of players from the same side. Give us some idea of the technology that will make its way into the game. Will players be able to develop and specialize in understanding and creating different forms of technology we have seen in SG-1 and Atlantis?
Dan Elggren: Crafting will play a big role in Stargate Worlds. Players will be able to create new items and upgrades in a way that mirrors the "arms race" that was such a big part in the series. Alien artifacts can be "reverse engineered" and the technology used in crafting recipes. Handling combat in a sci-fi setting can be very tricky. Can you tell us about how players will be able to engage in combat? Also, will there be PvP for players to fight it out in?
Dan Elggren: Combat in Stargate Worlds centers on real-world tactics. Unlike traditional MMORPGs, players will need to use maneuver, cover and suppression fire to defeat their foes in PvE and PvP environments. Squad tactics will be essential when taking on AI foes or other players armed with modern or sci-fi weapons. With Stargate's strong story line which has been carried over since the mid-90s, what type of quests or plot lines will players find themselves involved in? Will we see classic Stargate scenarios take shape, or will the game usher in a new chapter to the already established lore?
Dan Elggren: I think you'll see a little bit of both. At launch, our focus will be primarily on Stargate SG-1. The 200-plus episodes provide a great deal of inspiration for quests and plot lines. There's a lot of material to work with, but we also have some flexibility when it comes to fleshing out the Stargate Worlds storyline. How has development been coming along? Has the team been able to meet design goals? When do you expect to reach large milestones like Beta and Launch?
Dan Elggren: Right now, we're very happy with the way development is progressing. We're meeting our internal goals and we've already got some incredible art and stories coming together. We're still a little early in the process to nail down dates for beta and launch, but we expect to be making some big announcements soon. Lastly, is there anything you would like to tell our readers which was not covered in the previous questions?
Dan Elggren: The main thing we would like fans to know is that we are community oriented. Be on the lookout for us to show up at upcoming Stargate conventions and keep up with our progress at

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