War Rock Open Beta to Close on January 31

K2 Network has announced that the "Temporary Cease Fire Event", also known as server shutdown period, will take place January 31st in anticipation of the launch of K2 Networks' online military shooter War Rock. The beta shutdown will last from January 31st through February 6th leading up to the official launch of online tactical first person shooter, War Rock on February 7th.

During the "cease fire" gamers can play the updated version of a Flash shooting game and participate in War Rock forums where they can access and participate in developer discussions on new features. With commentary from Team War Rock, forums will discuss the tournament system, clan system, and new maps, weapons and more.

Beta players who create an account when War Rock goes commercial on February 7th will receive a 7-day trial of the AK47 Assault Rifle. In addition, those beta players who sign up for premium service will receive one month of free service and a 30-day trial of the AK47 Assault Rifle. War Rock will be available February 7th via K2 Network's Free2Play model. Players will also have the choice of signing up for one of War Rock's subscription packages or buying the premium boxed copy at retail.

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