Vivendi Games Mobile to Release The Incredible Machine

Based on Sierra's franchise with 5 games released between 1993 and 2001, Vivendi Games Mobile has developed the mobile version of The Incredible Machine - a mythic game where ingenuity is the master key to success. With 60 problems to solve and another 20 as bonuses, the game develops and will challenge your inventor -side for many hours. As the user, you are the assistant of Professor TIM. You have to choose carefully from 34 objects to design and assemble your own contraptions which will undoubtedly have working pulleys, levers, belts, motors, balloons and more. Your ultimate goal? Generate a chain reaction which will make your contraptions work.

Each of your creations will be rated by Professor TIM. Get a good or excellent rating in order to unlock new mechanisms as bonuses (up to 20); new backgrounds for the game and new original music to be played while you are solving your next challenge. In order to improve your skill or impress your friends; you can re-watch the workings of mechanisms you have invented.

Two game modes are offered to the user:
- Classic - Get the best results for your problem -solving skills in order to get to the next level and unlock new challenges, backgrounds and music.
- Free - Train or entertain your friends in the free mode. You can play as you wish with the mechanisms you have already unlocked in classic mode.

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