Digital Foundry Announces PlayStation 3 Digital Capture Services

Digital Foundry reveals its support for Sony's brand new PlayStation 3 platform, announcing HDMI video capture services that guarantee pristine quality high definition video. "Digital Foundry's HD capture technology was built from the ground up to support both high-end analogue and pure digital sources", says Richard Leadbetter, company director. "PlayStation 3 is the first games console to be launched that allows for a straight digital transfer from the host machine, and the result is a level of visual fidelity we've only witnessed from ultra high-end PC video cards."

This translates into a whole host of benefits for Digital Foundry clients:
- Perfect digital quality video for use in-game, or for promotional purposes;
- Promotional videos can be rescaled for broadcast (SD and HD), DVD and internet usage with the very best possible quality;
- The entire video output of a capture session can be used to extract perfect quality screenshots;
- A key advantage for Digital Foundry is the fact that its core technology is entirely portable, meaning that the company can work on location - anywhere in the UK, Europe and North America. Its HD capture units are the size of a toaster and weigh just six kilograms.

Digital Foundry HD capture technology is also available for licensing to clients in the games industry looking to take care of all their high definition capture in-house, and already boasts high-profile licensees in the UK, Germany and the USA.

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