winSPMBT Version 3.0 Thunders onto the Battlefield

The Camo Workshop and Shrapnel Games announce that a new upgrade to the smash-hit winSPMBT is available for immediate download. Weighing in around 27 MB in size, the version 3.0 upgrade patch is positively bursting at its electronic seams under the weight of its contents, featuring plenty of new material and updates to previous content.

The upgrade patch contains the following material:
- 25 Additional scenarios! Remember, there is never such a thing as too many scenarios.
- 89 previously released scenarios have been tweaked and updated.
- Six campaigns, previously available online, have been added.
- 29 brand new maps, one updated previously released map.
- 113 AI picklists have been updated, along with one leader name file, and six updated ranks files.
- 687 new photos.
- Over 400 icons, both new and revised.
- 92 updated OOB files, updated cost calculator, and updated MOBHack.

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