Kororinpa for Wii Is Coming

Prepare to rock and roll as your brain does a loop the loop with the ultimate Wii puzzle game! Players must complete testing and taxing mazes as Kororinpa rolls across Europe on 23rd February 2007, only on Wii. Kororinpa is published by Hudson and distributed by Nintendo.

Using tilting Wii's motion sensitive Wii Remote with poise and precision, players must seek to navigate their favourite cute and quirky balls, each with their own look and varying benefits, through complex 3D mazes. Therefore no complicated button combinations are necessary, the tactile controls allow players to tip and tilt their environment in all directions, even upside-down to 180 degrees - making the game intuitive and easy for anyone to pick up and play, whilst still remaining challenging and addictive.

A steady hand and a keen strategic eye are key to keep your favourite ball on the right track in Kororinpa. As the maze is tilted the ball will move as it would in real life, as if pulled by gravity. But beware; too much slant could see the ball roll out of control off the edge of the maze sending the player back to the start! Whist progressing along the course, players must also collect all the Red Crystals to unlock the goal, which in turn unlocks the next maze adding yet more precision and strategy to the challenges.

To prove yourself as the ball master, you can also go head to head against a friend using one Wii Remote and Nunchuk controller, splitting the screen either horizontally or vertically. In multiplayer mode the first player to reach the end of the maze collecting all their Red Crystals will reign victorious over their fellow contender!

With over 50 quirky mazes available to unlock and five different environments to experience there will always be a new and exciting challenge around the corner. Each environment has its own unique music, obstacles and visual style for the player to enjoy. Whilst progressing through the game players should also keep a look out for Green Crystals that unlock secret environments and even more stages to challenge even the most experienced puzzlers.

As if that wasn't tricky enough, each of your balls has a varying level of Response, Speed, Slide and Bounce. Players must therefore select their ball carefully in order to successfully complete Kororinpa. As more levels are completed the types of balls that can be selected will increase, including balls such as a ladybug, cat, penguin, watermelon and even a pig, each boasting different characteristics and varying levels of control.

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