ApeZone to Launch Starship Kingdom

ApeZone announces the release of Starship Kingdom, a turn-based space strategy game allowing you to amass a fleet of starships to try and unite a star kingdom. Starship Kingdom 1.1 offers several player options, 3D space battles, and a variety of different maps to play on.

Starship Kingdom is a fun and easy to play strategy game for 1-2 players with an exciting plot. The King has died without producing an heir and after his death the Star Kingdom has fallen apart, with most of the worlds declaring their independence. Only the player and one other noble Star House have declared their right to the throne. The aim of the game is to take control of one of the Houses and fight to become the next Star King. The game features a strategic end-game twist and players must approach the throne with care as the third part of the game commences. One side, the Independents (Indies), may join the losing side if it thinks that this will prolong the war.

Starship Kingdom focuses on interstellar combat between different types of starships. The game is inspired by the classic board game Risk, but here the action takes place in a cosmic arena and instead of conquering countries with armies, the player conquers stars with starships. It also differs from Risk in that there are 3 types of starships (battlecruisers, battleships and battlestars) and players are able to buy fleet upgrades and invest in starship production. Starship Kingdom offers the possibility of upgrading the player's fleet with revolutionary technologies to make it more powerful. For example, players can select armaments from a varied arsenal, including rare weapons such as supernova bombs which can be used to destroy an entire enemy fleet without incurring any casualties. Additionally, there are 25 different maps to play on (with more to follow) and a built-in editor to create and share new maps.

Starship Kingdom offers game play against the computer, with a range of playing styles, or against another player. The other player can either share the same computer (hotseat play) or play over the Internet. Online play is enhanced with a built-in gaming lobby to help find online adversaries. Starship Kingdom has a clear and easy-to-use interface and a very simple online play configuration (no need for IP addresses and no router problems) which makes it a perfect game for children or inexperienced players. Most importantly, online gaming can be interrupted and resumed because the information is stored on the server, allowing for highly flexible game play.

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