Pieces of Eight in Development

Hidden Sanctum has announced the development and release of the game trailer for "Pieces of Eight" for the PC. Pieces of Eight is a 1st-person point-n-click adventure game set in New England during modern times. Following the crack down on piracy in the Caribbean during the late 1600's, eight of the most notorious cutthroats forge an alliance and ply the New England coast. After decades of amassing unimaginable wealth, they suddenly vanish in 1722. Rumors of an elaborate underground complex filled with treasure on one of the islands off the coast slowly fades from memory?undiscovered. Nearly 300 years have passed and the stories have all but been forgotten. That is, until you receive a package with cryptic clues about a mysterious island off the coast of New Hampshire?

Pieces of Eight is scheduled for a Q2 2007 release.

Screenshots and trailer can be foundhere.

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