Ozura Mobile Unveils Two Action Games - ?Antopia? and ?R.A.T.S.?

Ozura Mobile has announced the launch of R.A.T.S. and Antopia ? The Beginning. R.A.T.S. and Antopia was just recently made available to mobile users in the USA, Russia, Denmark, and Czech Republic as the first phase of worldwide distribution and will soon be available in other countries.

Antopia, an interactive action game features a survival series based on the ant colony, Ugo under the gentle command of their Queen Isgaea which has been home to the great ants of Laurasia. As their kingdom expanded through both colonization and invasion, they constantly face new threats due to the shortage supply of food.

R.A.T.S., on the other hand, features a group of tactical squad rats that are on a mission to go where no rats have ever gone before which is the 'Kitchen of Heaven'. In order to accomplish their mission, these highly trained rats under the command of General Ratmandoo have to first face its worst enemy, the 'Evil Italian Chef '.

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