Excalibur Publishing Secures Fritz Chess 10

Excalibur Publishing has secured a deal to publish the well respected Fritz Chess program on PC DVD in the UK and Scandinavia. Fritz Chess 10 offers a host of new features and brings this bench mark chess playing franchise bang up to date for the 21st Century.

Available from February 16th 2007, this classic brand has earned its reputation as a formidable opponent, world-class chess playing program and beginner's tutor all in one over its past nine iterations. Its classic status has been further cemented from confrontations with World Champion Vladimir Kramnik in Bahrain in 2002, the classic against Garry Kasparov in New York in 2003 and the revenge match against Kramnik in Bonn, Germany in 2006.

Fritz Chess 10 includes numerous sophisticated coaching functions adjusting its playing strength to exactly match that of any opponent. It graphically displays threats and plans and provides full opening statistics. For the beginner, Fritz Chess 10 will explain moves and positions or warn you of dangers, commenting on errors in your gameplay in real time. It will also suggest instructive training modules plus amusing handicap levels. For the club and tournament player, Fritz Chess has become a trusted friend and indispensable advisor, assisting experienced players in studying their games and finding new opening ideas for their next tournaments.

Features also include:
- Database with more than a million games provide the basis for state of the art analysis.
- With its Chess Media System, Fritz brings the world's greatest chess players into your living room in full high resolution video and sound and a synchronised graphic chessboard.
- Listen to Garry Kasparov, Viktor Korchnoi, Alexei Shirov and Rustam Kasimdzhanov as they explain important openings and ideas that lead to success.
- A host of famous chess teachers provide instructions in more mundane subjects, like opening traps, middlegame strategy and endgame skills.
- A one-click connection to the largest chess community in the world, With your free one-year's access, you can play quick and informal games at any level, take part in tournaments or attend live lectures and training sessions.

Brand new features for Fritz Chess 10 include:
- Enhanced and improved chess engine developed especially for the 2006 Kramnik vs. Fritz match;
- Extended openings book;
- Updated database;
- Dynamic graphic tips for attack and defence;
- Improved graphics and move entry on the 2D board;
- New high resolution 3D piece sets in classical wood;
- Live display of the thinking process on the chessboard;
- More efficient position analysis;

New chess server features:
- Additional ranking lists, full rankings for all players;
- Filters for challengers with bad Internet connection;
- New and simple video conference function;
- Bullet lists in the engine room;
- Animated global weather display;
- Direct link to Google Earth;
- Fritz Chess 10 is Windows Vista ready.

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