Ubisoft Announces Cosmic Family for the Wii

Ubisoft has announced that Cosmic Family, an exciting space adventure geared toward young children for the Wii and developed by Ubisoft's Barcelona studio, will launch worldwide in mid-2007. By simply pointing their Wii Remote, players will embark on an interactive tour of the Cosmic Family's action-packed rocket.

Players will have a chance to interact with the Cosmic Family, where they will meet Mom and Dad Cosmic, Big Sister, the two small children, the aloof dog, the lazy cat, and plenty of colorful monsters. With 15 early-learning mini-games found throughout the five floors of the rocket-house, families can pilot a rocket into space, discover what the stars are hiding, create and color whimsical images, customize rooms, brush a monster's teeth, play dress-up with various characters, nurture plants from seeds and more. This fun, original and colorful game is designed to improve children's memory, hand-eye coordination, creativity and imagination.

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