Tortuga - Two Treasures: More Characters from the Caribbean

Tortuga - Two Treasures tells of Hawk's struggle against a world growing blacker by the day. The Caribbean is rarely an easy place in which to live, and for a man of Hawk's heritage there are those who would have no qualms in crossing him for their own gain. There are many characters in the Caribbean, few of them savoury. By luck or by judgement Hawk must keep his friends close, and his enemies closer.

Edward Teach, born in Bristol, England, was better known as Blackbeard. He captured a French slave ship at the beginning of the 18th century and renamed it "Queen Anne's Revenge".

Once in command of this comparatively powerful ship with its crew of scoundrels, he decided to work for himself and set out to conquer the Caribbean for his own.

Physically superior to most (he was 6'5" tall, and solidly built) he was a fierce fighter who was difficult to defeat. He trusted no-one and did not hesitate to sacrifice those who might be potentially dangerous to him - or who might no longer be useful for him.

Charles Vane was born in Plymouth, on the southern English coast, in 1689 and served for many years on slave trader ships. During the English-Spanish war in the Caribbean, Vane changed sides frequently.

As he was permanently battling against his own cowardice, he decided to join Blackbeard's crew in 1715. He was extremely ruthless and did not hesitate to use conspiracies to his advantage; thus, he made his way to the top very quickly.

Blind Willy was born in 1678, somewhere in Kent, England. He lost his memory when the ship where he served as mate sank during a hurricane twenty one years ago. Two weeks later, he was found more dead than alive on a raft that he had tied together from parts of the wreckage.

He joined Hawk's crew three years ago and he has been Hawk's first mate ever since.

Catherine DeMorgaine was born in 1701 as daughter of Sir Isaac DeMorgaine, Her Majesty's Governor of Port Royal.

The DeMorgaines were of old Norman nobility and are able to trace their origins back to the 5th Century. Famous people such as Geoffrey Chaucer were amongst their ancestors; however, sinister figures such as Henry Morgan also form part of their ancestry.

Catherine grew up sheltered on her father's estate. The ever-present soldiers taught her the art of sword fighting at a very early age and she perfected that skill as she grew older. She is neither tall nor particularly strong - in fact, she is merely 5'5"; however, she makes up for the lack of strength with agility, swiftness and intelligence.

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