A Bumper New Year from Glu

Glu is banishing the winter blues with a holiday hamper of new game releases between now and March. The first quarter of '07 will see releases to appeal to a broad spectrum of mobile gamers ? from the hard core to the casual, plus those that have still to get involved with the world of mobile games.

Glu is also kicking off the New Year with a new PR agency, Nelson Bostock Communications. NBC will be able to help out with any queries about current or upcoming titles, as well as providing games for preview or review, screenshots, splash screens and artwork etc. The team's contact details are below?

Here's a summary of what's coming up:

Project Gotham Racing
The mobile version of the No.1 action-oriented Xbox 360 racing franchise. PGR set the standard in racing video games: now the mobile version is raising the bar in the mobile world. Gamers can choose between seven of today's hottest cars from Lamborghini, Mercedes, Aston Martin, Honda, Corvette, Ford, and Toyota. The Java 2D & 3D versions will be on deck later this month. And if you think the graphics of Paris, London, San Francisco look good now, just wait for the smartphone variant ? out later in the quarter.

Availability: from late January.

Super Monkey Ball Tip 'n Tilt
Go bananas for Super Monkey Ball Tip 'n Tilt from Glu and SEGA, exclusive to mobile. Taking the classic platform tilting game play of the original series, Glu is now bringing the Monkey ball experience to the small screen. Gameplay involves guiding your Monkey Ball to the exit by tilting platforms and negotiating obstacles and puzzles, picking up bananas along the way.

Availability: from late January.

Brian Lara International Cricket 2007
This Spring will mark the first time Codemasters' genre-leading cricket series has appeared on mobile phones ? and it'll be available in time for the ICC Cricket World cup, exclusively from Glu. The game will feature a multi-nation knockout tournament, one day international modes, and exhibition matches, plus the option of playing as Brian Lara or Ricky Ponting, and a practice mode to hone both batting and bowling skills. Additionally, "Hawk-Eye" technology immerses the player deeper into the game with detailed information on ball movement for the most authentic cricket experience on mobile to date.

Availability: early March.

Brain Genius
A New Year work-out for the mind. Glu's Brain Genius comprises a series of mind-bending puzzles and Sudoku grids, to be navigated with the help of personal mind trainer Dr Lababidi. Regular Brain Ratings and performance graphs chart progress through the levels, testing mental agility in four key areas: memory, calculation, logic and visual. Players can even personalise their gameplay by using images captured with a camera phone for the "picture slider" round.

Availability: current.

Monopoly Here & Now
Wannabe property tycoons can now take the updated version of this living room classic wherever they go, with the official 3D version of Monopoly Here & Now for mobile. The new edition has given everyone's favourite boardgame a fresh lease of life, with new locations including places like Fulham Broadway and Camden High Street, updated property values and new game pieces ? including a laptop, a sports car and yes, of course, a mobile phone.

Availability: current.

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