Luxor 2 Footage Uncoiled and Let Loose from Ancient Egypt

MumboJumbo has released a new video featuring detailed footage of seven unique levels of Luxor 2, the follow-up to 2005's #1 casual game. Luxor 2 has been recently named a winner with Casual Games Association, taking first place in the categories of "Best of 2006", "Casual Game of the Year", and "Puzzle Game of the Year."

To download gameplay footage, clickhere(31.6 MB).

The fast-paced action starts with the snaking balls wrapping around golden chalices, and advancing along to highly-detailed scenes featuring statues and murals of Egyptian warriors, sand-swept pyramids and steam-rising lava pits. The twists and turns continue through ancient ruins intricately decorated with hieroglyphics and serpent mosaics, providing remarkable visuals of the Egyptian essence. The imagery is further complemented with audio that delivers mystical, momentum-building background music and satisfying chimes and clangs as ball chains explode.

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