World of Warcraft: One Week Before the Burning Crusade

by Garrett Fuller,MMORPG.COM

Editorial by Garrett Fuller
Editor's Note: The opinions expressed are those of the author and not necessarily those of, its staff or management.
Here we are with one week to go left in Azeroth before the Dark Portal opens and millions of players enter the world of the Burning Crusade. Normally in my editorials I question Blizzard's choices in game play and call attention to the issues in Warcraft. However with only one week to go before the first expansion of the biggest MMO in the world, I thought we'd look at what to do with our last days in the old realm before the new one is to open. Here are some suggestions on how to spend your final week in Azeroth.

1. Level up that Alt you have been ignoring. Why not take time to push another character to level sixty who has been stuck in the forties or fifties? Sure you may not have epic gear when walking through the Dark Portal, but you'll have another character to play.
2. Build up those Profession skills that you have been slacking off on. Take time to reach three-hundred in crafting or gathering so you can search for new materials in the next realm. Also it is a way to earn some extra cash; those flying mounts won't be cheap!
3. PvP, PvP, PvP! With the new reward system you may be able to get one or more epic pieces into your inventory before the portal opens, even with the 30% nerf. Who knows how tough the monsters and dungeons will be in the Burning Crusade? Perhaps giving a last minute boost to your arsenal will help in the long run.
4. Go back through old instances and run them in record time. When was the last time you were in Scarlet Monastery? Grab your guildies and time your team on how fast they can complete the instance. It is also a way to make a little money on the side.
5. The last thing to do with this week is?.play another game! Face it; we'll all be pushing the limit on the Burning Crusade once it comes out. Why not take this last week as a break from Warcraft and try something new? For those who have only played this one MMO there are lost of free trials out there for different games. Expand your MMO knowledge past Orcs and Elves.

That being said, I am looking forward to the Burning Crusade. Not as much as I am looking forward to some other upcoming MMOs, but there still are some fun elements to this expansion. The Caverns of Time looks very interesting in that you'll be able to see different parts of Warcraft's past. I am psyched for the part when you help Thrall. Also Outland does have some unique features and designs to it that will only enhance the game. I do hope Blizzard gets the instance dungeons back to normal so you don't need giant raids to get good gear and the playing field is better equaled between casual and hardcore players. But for that we'll just have to wait and see.

So when January sixteenth roles around and everyone is trying to log in at once with queues in the thousands and crashes galore, just remember that it's only a game and the race to level seventy will be longer than you think. For now, I ask all the Warcraft players, what will you be doing over the next week to get ready for The Burning Crusade?

January 05, 2007

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