Abborado Studios Announces Once Upon a Time in Japan: Earth

Abborado Studios announces the first entry in their series, Once Upon a Time in Japan: Earth. The series aims to transport players to various periods in Japan's storied history, giving them a look at the inner struggles of a country bound by tradition and ruled by the warrior class. "Earth" is the first title of a three part arc and is planned for a Q4 2007 release. "Earth" is a third-person, point-and-click adventure for the PC that tells the story of Zenjiro, a samurai who left his clan during a time of war, seeking a life of peace with his family. Unfortunately, a tragic event sixteen years later forces Zenjiro to explore Etchu province looking for his wife, children, and other survivors. Along the way he will meet many characters including Hanbei, a fearsome ronin with a mysterious past, and Shiho, the bright young daughter of a famous Noh theater performer.

Furthermore, Zenjiro will discover that not all is as it seems outside the province. The military campaigns he thought to be a thing of the past have once again bubbled to the surface, and in an effort to keep the peace there is little freedom allowed for the people. Yet again, Zenjiro's country appears to be changing dramatically as he seeks his own reasons to continue moving forward.

Features include:
- High resolution, digitally hand painted scenes, featuring scrolling and detailed animation.
- Traditionally hand drawn and animated characters, inspired by classic Disney and Studio Ghibli films.
- An amazing original score, combining traditional Japanese instrumentation and arrangements with modern scoring methods and techniques.
- An immersive setting that allows players to explore a province in 17th century Japan.
- A vast assortment of puzzles, painstakingly researched to fit the time period and locale, while revealing bits of Japanese culture and history to the player.
- Authentic Japanese voice acting.
- A captivating storyline, focusing on well developed characters, that builds to an exciting climax.

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