Mario Vs Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis

Hold on to your hats! Mario Vs Donkey Kong is back, and this time our favourite duos mean business. In our last outing it was up to Mario to save the day by finding all the Mini Mario's, but this time roles have been reversed and he must rely on them. Featuring easy accessible touch screen controls, over 80 different levels and utilising the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Service. Mario Vs Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis is sure to provide all with endless amounts of mind boggling fun as it marches on to Nintendo DS across Europe on 9th March 2007.

A whole host of Nintendo world famous characters make a welcomed return in this game, including Mario, Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong's long lasting love Pauline. Enraged and jealous by Pauline's preference for Mini Mario over Mini DK, Donkey Kong kidnaps Pauline during the opening ceremony of Mario's new theme park ? Super Mini Mario World. It's now up to the Mini Mario's, on orders from Mario to brave mind bending obstacle filled levels and reach the top floor of the theme park where Pauline is waiting to be rescued by her mini heroes.

The player's simple touch on the Nintendo DS touch screen using the stylus influences and guides the path the Mini Mario's take, you can also move blocks using the stylus to create new paths, ride elevators and conveyor belts and avoid hazards like fireballs. 'Thwomps', lethal lava and deadly water traps all lie in wait for our mini heroes on there march and therefore quick reactions, puzzle skills and a steady hand will stand you in good stead in this game. Donkey Kong isn't planning to play fair either, with new weapons in the form of Crash Kong and Capture Kong to use against our heroes. Sidekicks Mummy Guy and Snap Claw will do everything in their power to ensure the Mini Mario's do not reach the exit door preventing our Mini Mario's from moving onto the next level.

This game features over 8 themes and over 80 diverse and rich levels packed with hazards and puzzles, which will present new challenges to all players. What's more players can also create their own levels and maps with the 'new level editor' before sharing them with others across the world using the unique Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service. This feature brings a whole new dimension to gameplay creating an interactive gaming context in which you and others can compete in levels you have created, as well as competing in levels created by others. Players cannot only download levels from friends using the Friend Code system but can do so from anyone around the world ensuring that players really are spoilt with long-term endless fun without restriction.

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