Namco Networks Launches Pool Pro Online II

Think you're a pool shark? Get ready to hustle your way through 8- or 9-ball games and play head-to-head with opponents in real-time in Pool Pro Online II, the newest mobile game from Namco Networks. Pool Pro Online II lets players create a personal profile, choose an in-game look and enter the virtual pool hall to compete in real time and head-to-head against players vying for fame and in-game cash. The game also offers offline one-player or two-player versus mode for those looking for a little practice.

The sequel to Pool Pro Online, which has been played online more than 4.4 million times and proved players' desire to play against others across the country, Pool Pro Online II, builds on the success of Pool Pro Online by offering players a fully customizable experience, while maintaining backwards compatibility to the original game and its established player network.

With the customizable features, players looking to upgrade their cue or customize their felt can visit the Pro Shop, where they can use the in-game cash (won in tournaments or hustled from other players) to purchase new cue sticks, pool tables and in-game backgrounds. Because the Pro Shop is server based, new customization items will frequently become available.

Individual profiles track players' skills, wins, loses and tournament rankings. Players can search for opponents online by skill, rank or the size of their in-game bank account. With a buddy list, players can keep a list of favorite opponents and praise or taunt them using the game's messaging feature.

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