MumboJumbo to Bring Hexic Deluxe, Mozaki Blocks Deluxe to Retail

MumboJumbo has announced that it will publish Hexic Deluxe and Mozaki Blocks Deluxe, two of Microsoft's top-selling puzzle titles developed by legendary games designer Alexey Pajitnov, the creator of Tetris. Under terms of the agreement, MumboJumbo will exclusively publish the two games through its extensive network of retailers worldwide.

Hexic Deluxe is a mind-boggling match-three puzzler that takes gamers on a fun and challenging journey. In this clever puzzler, gamers can enjoy enhanced graphics as they rotate hexagons and create clusters of same-colored tiles to clear the board. Mozaki Blocks Deluxe is a colorful block-matching puzzler where every move must be precisely calculated. With the goal of forming a bridge of color-connected geometric pieces from the exterior edges to the center of the screen, players will experience endless hours of entertainment and an exciting change of pace from the typical puzzle game.

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